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Cassidy & is a global platform created by Cassidy Morris.

A place dedicated to meaningful conversation with influential guests. Cassidy& is a platform to inform, inspire & learn. A colourful way for the audience to shape their own opinions on current topics of interest.


'The Room' is the information space. Where the conversation happens. Opinions are formed and topics are passionately talked about between Cassidy and her guests. Its a learning space for the conversationists and the viewer. The Room is the place for conversation.

Resene And The Room

Episode One — Teeks / Navigating the music industry

Episode Two – Lili Sumner / Beauty in the social era

Episode Three — Roxie Mohebbi / Activism and education through social media

Episode Four — Steve Dunstan / Productivity in the social era


Special thanks to Resene for supporting Cassidy&