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The home of each series. Where the conversation happens.

Series 1 is hosted in "The Blue Room" created with the support of Resene around all things screen time. The calming colour of Resene's Endeavour Blue represents the tonal energy of the screen on the devices we choose to use so often in our daily lives.

The conversation around screen time represents an integral part of daily living. Cassidy and our guests open all avenues of different views around social and online presence in different perspectives.

The Blue Room

TEEKS / Social media and its expectations

Musician Te Karehana Gardiner Toi, also known as Teeks, talks all things screen time. The importance of social media in the music industry and how he navigates his social platforms on a personal level. A beautiful conversation around how much he is willing to share with his growing audience, his success and how he manages it all.

Beauty in the social era with LILI SUMNER

One of New Zealand's most successful exports in the fashion industry, model and film director Lili Sumner sits down to converse about all things screen time. The power of social opinion and living authentically in the fashion industry during this screen time era.

ROXIE MOHEBBI / Activism culture through social media

Actress, model and qualified nurse Roxie Mohebbi shares her past experiences and how they have influenced how she uses social media as a tool for activism and education. We hear about Roxie's values, family and the importance of knowing her "why"

STEVE DUNSTAN / Productivity in the social era

Steve Dunstan is the founder and director of New Zealand fashion brand Huffer. He is a connector and personality and well known in the fashion industry here at home and abroad.