The Room
Our journey to create The Blue Room

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When coming up with the vision around the purpose of a platform like Cassidy& the starting point of the journey was the word space. A safe space. A place. Somewhere you go to learn, connect and converse.

Thinking about other platforms created for conversation it was important to get a sense of comfort, visual stimulation and forward thinking all together in the space, so that the experience is elevated for the viewer.

The Blue Room was born. It was to be a beautiful collaboration with Resene to support the platform in a colourful way. To really make an impact.

Partnering with Resene on the colour space was the perfect fit. One of the key elements was getting the colour right.

Screen time being the first discussion topic for Cassidy&, we came to the conclusion that Resene's colour “Endeavour Blue” was the perfect fit. Reflecting a relaxed blue to resonate with the blue light we see on our screens today, we felt this resonated well with the tone we set out to create.

A very special thank you to the Resene team, for supporting Cassidy& as a platform and the conversation of Screentime.